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Professional Puppy Coaching

Thinking of getting a puppy? Or did you get a puppy?  It’s a huge decision as your puppy will potentially be an addition to your family for 10, 12, 14, 16 years depending on the breed, breeding and health of the dog you select.

Puppies are a commitment for life – many of the problems and issues with dogs stem from the first few months of puppy’s life. We have been working with puppies and running puppy classes and in-home puppy sessions since 2002.  Puppies develop quickly in the early weeks of their lives and we have a short window to teach them the right things with most learning happening between the 8th and 16th week.  Learning happens as part of play, and most learning happens informally.  Your puppy is very impressionable and potentially vulnerable.

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Puppies need boundaries and the sooner they can attend a professional puppy class the better there social skills.  Avoid fear of noises, fear of other dogs, barking, jumping, nipping, separation anxiety and lots of other things that we do not like. The best investment in time and resources is making the right start for your puppy – attend a puppy class NOW.

As Canine Behavioural Specialist, and the owner of K9Coach Pty Ltd, many of the problems we see in adult dogs could have been avoided at the puppy stage. Information here is to help humans successfully pass through the puppy stage unscathed where puppy sails through into a well-adjusted, behaved and rounded adult dog.

Before proceeding further, Rule No. 1: Don’t let your new puppy leave its mother until it is over 8 weeks old. Apart from being against the Law, it’s a recipe for problems with that puppy. Rule No. 2: Get your puppy from a reputable breeder and/or animal welfare organisations. Rule No 3: Attend a professional, reward based puppy class NOW and learn to manage toilet training, nipping, biting, barking, crying, chewing, and other undesirable puppy behaviour.  The outcome is a healthy, well balanced and behaved family member and friend for years to come.