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Puppy Socialisation, you smell nice!Puppy Classes

Our puppy class is fun, hands-on and teaches you how to communicate with your puppy for life. Puppy Coach runs a four-week class at our under cover, year-around, training premises in Burwood, VIC. Please see our class tab for course details, conditions, dates and costs.

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Puppy Class - mum learning to check me over....In-home Puppy Classes

For those that have very busy work and family commitments and still want the best possible start for their puppy in the new home, we recommend a Puppy Coach in-home puppy class. This can be done in your home, tailored to your family needs, focussing on what you want from your puppy…

In-home Puppy Class Information

MaxJuvenile Classes

Try the Juvenile Social Obedience Classes run by K9Coach (who has also been running weekly puppy classes for many years). Our classes are small & informal and have a strong focus on good social skills in young dogs. They are held weekly on set days/times.

Get more Juvenile Class Information Here.