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In-Home Puppy Class for your Puppy

Nala Puppy - am I a pretty girlFor those that have very busy work and family commitments and still want the best possible start for their puppy in the new home, we recommend a Puppy Coach in-home puppy class. This can be done in your home, tailored to your family needs, focussing on what you want from your puppy – helping you train the puppy on to the best road possible to a happy, well balanced adult dog.

Puppy Coach In-home puppy classes do NOT offer dog to dog socialisation a very important part of our professional puppy class, however it is better tailored to your personal needs. It addresses issues with kids, nipping, jumping and over-excitement. Where to sleep and feed the puppy – generally how to look after it, and get the family involved with the training.

In addition, this 2 hour session includes training the family (One head trainer) how to train the pup in the basics of sit, come, drop, stay, and walk to heel. Training is more effective to have a puppy ‘leash and collar friendly’ before we start this session. See our online factsheet for details.

This Puppy Coach session can be done soon after the initial arrival of the puppy, and we can help with settling the pup even further – liking his new family and new home.  At the same time, we guide the family in setting the rules that allow all family members to live in harmony with the puppy and help it develop and grow into a well-balanced happy dog.

Puppy Coach In-home puppy classes are very involved and we take great care to focus on the younger family members of the pack.  We have ‘Working with children’ clearance and have helped many hesitant children to enjoy their new puppy after an initial nip or scratch! Our session takes in to consideration lower attention spans of the younger pack members, and caters for some rest and play, so all enjoy and above all learn in a positive, gentle environment.

We recommend that any in-home session is followed up by attending a local puppy class or any other form of socialisation to polish the training achieved and helping you get a happy dog.

Complete this form to organise an In-Home Puppy Classes or call 03 9889 8555.

No time for puppy training?

My multi colour puppy nailsWhilst we urge you, for the family and puppy’s sake that you make this small time and money investment in your new puppy, it happens. If so, please consider some online training or a great more conventional presentation – The Ultimate Puppy Kit (see more info on our shop front).  This pack includes that right guidelines, plans and guidance for you to be able to train your puppy in small increments from the comfort of your busy life. ANY time invested in your puppy it a very valuable investment that will return you more and for a long time! Enjoy your puppy training.