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Fact Sheets


Travelling with Fourpaws – Often overlooked is that our dog may not enjoy riding in a car.

Before you get a Dog – This superb book courtesy of Pets4life is a ‘Must read’ before you get the puppy.

To eat or to sleep

Breakfast in bed or bed in breakfast!

Puppy’s Challenging world – All the things that puppy will find scary, daunting and challenging.
Do I go home today – A poignant but all too frequent lament.
Where to get puppy – It must be a reputable source
Puppy’s first weeks – Puppy’s progress and development from birth onwards
Bringing puppy home – Prepare for puppy coming home; tips and advice
What to expect from puppy classes – it should be more than a social gathering
Puppy is never too young to learn– Puppy class at 8 weeks old; don’t wait!
Puppy Toilet Training – Persevere, puppy will get the hang of it!
Collar and Leash Training– Getting puppy used to the collar and leash.

Puppies Nip!  Yes, most puppies nip and those little baby teeth can be very sharp. This fact sheet contains tips and information to help stop puppy from nipping.

Sneak Peak of Fact Sheets

Bath time!

Bathing a dog too often, especially a puppy, can be the cause of serious skin problems.  Ideally washing a dog with shampoo should be kept to a minimum - never more than once monthly at best, ideally every 2 or 3 months.  When Fourpaws returns from walkies, wash off any ...

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Features of a puppy class

Despite what some say that puppy is too young to learn, a puppy class should include teaching the basic commands.  The Sit, The Drop/Down, The Recall, The Stay, and the Walk to Heel.  It is also vital to include socialisation with humans and other puppies, in a controlled way so ...

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Toilet training

Like babies, puppies lack the muscle control when young.  Over time their muscles develop and the dog can then control when it relieves itself.  This can be helped by conditioning or training puppy to go to the toilet. Always take puppy out on a lead, and go together over to ...

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Puppy play and rest

Puppies love to play; but they also need 'down time'.  When puppy gets tired, let them have their rest.  They should have quiet area to rest and 'recharge their batteries'.  Do not allow children to wake puppies that are sleeping.  Further information in the handouts on the Fact Sheets page.

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