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Good training area. Stretch has become reasonably easier to handle and is more comfortable / less aggressive to other dogs.
AB juv,
Very constructive – Holly has gained some confidence and her owner has learned some tips! Your knowledge and care towards the dogs has been terrific! Holly has been very receptive to you,thanks.
SS juv 3/13,
Good size class; good and clear instructions, probably need few more weeks! Terrific grounding. Beautifully incorporated children making them feel included. Thanks you! MB-K p/c 0913

I was very happy with the training. Della has improved so very much. VL p/c 09/13

The sound exercises were great. Hans is very caring and generous. NF p/c 09/13

Happy Clients, Burwood
We had Hans come over for a 2hour training session. It was the best money spent.
He taught our Griffon to sit and lie in about 10mins. We continued on and he does it automatically now. We have friends with dogs that are 8 years old and Manny our Griffon can do more.

Our Griffon was too small to get out of the doggy door and Hans suggested taping the flap up and building a ramp which we did. He is in and out all the time. Manny goes to the toilet outside in the one spot. But we are still toilet training as Manny has not mastered it yet.

We are booked into puppy classes " we wouldnt miss it." 4 weeks with Hans, there will be nothing left to teach little Manny.

PJ inhme pc 12/13, Camberwell
We had Hans came over and taught us a lot. As first time dog owner, we owe it so much to him. He taught our Bobo how to sit, he gave us tips how to train him better too.
Thank you so much for the help. Jan 2014

Priss & Em,
Hans was great! Being the first dog to join the family, Hans helped us understand the world from Frankie's point of view. Hans also helped us teach Frankie some basic commands. He provided great advice on how to handle little puppy problems like nipping, toilet training etc. We highly recommend anyone with a new puppy to reach out to Hans!
Enlightening, I have learned a lot. Holly has improved greatly from the classes.
PS juv 3/13,
  • Class was well structured, I wouldn’t change anything. J&L p/c 3/13
  • Wonderful! CC p/c 3/13
  • It was great! Hans is fabulous! Very experienced trainer with excellent advice. NA p/c 3/13
  • Very clear and easy to understand. Clear instructions and great starting point. WE & KG p/c 2/13
  • Excellent! AN p/c 2/13
  • Very friendly, good to mix with other breeds, small calls numbers and trainer very knowledgeable. AP p/c 2/13
  • Learnt a lot, great time, very helpful S&WD p/c 2/13


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